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Have you been promoted into a management or team-leadership position?

Are you feeling overwhelmed by the expectation resting on you?

How are you going to deal with the fact that you're now managing people who were your peers not so long ago?

Have you attended management training courses and then found that nothing has changed? You somehow can't apply what you've learnt when you get back to the workplace.

Dealing with the human aspects of management seems really messy, difficult and very uncomfortable. You'd rather not have to do those things.

When you talk to one of your team (small talk or "official"), who's under pressure?

Or maybe you can't understand why people make such a fuss about "soft skills". It's more important to know the job!

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Picture the scene: the management board is meeting to review recommendations for salary increases. One of them is talking about Sarah: "She hasn't adapted very well to her new project assignment. Her performance seems to have gone right off. John is quite disappointed with her - he'd heard so many good things about her from her last project manager. He thinks she's had some personal problems and they've interfered with her work. I don't think we can justify any increase."

After a couple of questions, everyone agrees with the recommendation and they move on to talk about someone else.

No questions are asked about John's leadership abilities:

In short, is this a case of someone failing to meet a new challenge or are we looking at a failure of leadership?

It turned out that it was John who needed coaching to improve his leadership skills so that he could in turn help Sarah through her problems. Giving her no pay rise may have been a proper reflection of her recent contribution, and therefore "fair", but considerably more than this simple punishment was required to rectify the situation.

Would you know how to respond in John's position? Could you deal with a potentially "emotional" person?

Whoa! Hold on a minute! You might be wondering what this is all about. "I don't let this get to me. I just get on with my job (and I'm good at it) even if some people around me can't do theirs. I tell them what to do but it's up to them how hard they try or how well qualified they are."

Is this you? Are you still focused on "the task", just like you were before you got this new role?

As the leader, you are responsible for many things that you haven't been concerned with before:

This book will take you through the basic building blocks you need to structure your approach to leading.

It will give you practical techniques that will enable you to control your own "state" (physiological, mental and emotional) so that you can effortlessly influence the people around you.

It will show you how to quickly get into rapport with people and to get them engaged in what you want to do.

And, most importantly, it will enable you to "model" anyone who can already do these things better than you - so you can emulate them immediately without having to spend years absorbing the same know-how through painful experience.

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