NLP Techniques for supreme confidence at work, at home, in life


Are you:

Do you: Or have you ever said to yourself (secretly),

"If only I had more self-confidence I would ..."?

Or, "I'm not the sort of person who can ..."?

Or, "I'll never be able to ..."?

If any of these are familiar, or you've got your own variants on problems of this kind, then read on. You're about to learn how to improve your confidence with powerful, but straightforward techniques that will allow you to do whatever you choose to do.

And you'll find yourself choosing more challenging options as well!

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The development of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) has revolutionised the field of personal development. There are now no limits to what can be achieved - with just determination and a focus on how to do it.

If there's something you want to do but haven't got the nerve for, or something you want to do better but are undermined by self-doubt, then you have to change. It's no use waiting for the world to change and suddenly to make everything possible for you.

But how can you change? You've always been like this. People are either born confident or they're not and never can be. Right?


The techniques in this book have been proven many times to allow people to change. Millions have discovered that you don't have to be stuck with the limitations and fears that you find in yourself.

And that's because you weren't born this way at all! You've learnt how to feel a lack of confidence.

Just because you can't remember learning it doesn't mean anything. It's one of those thousands of "programs" that everyone runs unconsciously. Some of them are very useful, such as immediately recognising a dangerous situation without even knowing what it was that alerted you. And some of them are downright damaging to you - such as feeling the same anxiety when faced with something that's merely unfamiliar and not actually dangerous at all.

You can un-learn these patterns of thinking and behaving. You can learn new, more useful patterns.


  It's a process not a thing!
Step 1: What is it you really, really want?10
  Setting your goals for this programme
Step 2: where are you starting from?14
  The beliefs that carry you forward - or hold you back
Step 3: cracking the code20
  Your feelings about your experiences - and your fears about the future - are fixed by the way your brain stores information
Step 4: fixing the change25
  Creating new thinking habits that work for you rather than against you
Step 5: the magic switch28
  Getting into a resourceful state - just when you need to
Step 6: your own performance "hot-spot"32
  Stepping into the high performance zone
Step 7: no need to feel bad!34
  When something's bringing you down ...
Step 8: you're ok!36
  Reinventing yourself

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